janis' story

Abandoned on the streets at age 14, Janis suffered everything that a young teenager should never have to experience. She learned very quickly the ways of the streets and began to utilize all avenues in order to survive. Suffering from a brain tumor, no insurance, addicted to drugs and homeless, in 2008 Janis met a woman that showed her the love of God. It was at this moment that God opened her eyes and drew Janis to Himself. November 12, 2008 changed her life forever.


After traveling to Cincinnati to the “Off the Streets” program she was welcomed and mentored by other survivors and then blessed to receive care from the top neurosurgeons in the country to remove the brain tumor (to which she was never billed). She then realized that everything she had experienced was an opportunity to bring God glory in her life. God took her tragedy and made it a glorious story of redemption. Grounded in a new relationship with Jesus, Janis felt drawn to help women with the same issues and began to minister to other women, her sisters, on their journey of recovery. It is just this “love of Christ” that propels her to reach yet another.



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